Bespoke Facials

Using organic, vegan and plastic-free products, these facials involve effective and natural ingredients working in synergy with lymphatic facial techniques.

Due to our skin being very diverse and complex, each facial is completely bespoke to you and what will benefit your skin the most. Facials include a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, toner, massage, mask and moisturiser to improve skins appearance and texture.

Maintenance Facial | 30 mins | £35

Indulgent Bespoke Facial | 60 mins | £55



Our signature facial incorporating heated lava shells or cool glacial shells.

Facial benefits from the lava shells:

• Relaxes facial muscles quicker and more effectively due to the continual heat

• Increased mineral and oxygen levels via circulation enable transport of nutrients

• Skin functions are improved along with protection and absorption

• Helps alleviate sinus blockages, puffiness and accentuates the removal of toxins

• Promotes a youthful and healthy glow

Facial benefits from cryotherapy glacial shells:

• Reduces dark circles & puffiness around the eyes

• Helps to suppress acne flare ups

• Helps to firm and tighten skin

• Helps to rejuvenate the skin

• Reduces skin inflammation

Lava Shell Facial | 60 mins | £65

Lava Shell Fire & Ice Facial | 75 mins | £75