I’m going to be honest, transitioning to zero waste can be tricky. It’s a bit of a process and most definitely doesn’t happen overnight. 

Of course there are some quick swaps you can make, but other things take time due to the fact you’re breaking habits and making lifestyle changes (taking endless canvas bags filled with glass food jars to the shops to refill never gets any easier). Remember – great things do take time. 

I wanted to extend how I live at home into my work, so one thing I was never going to compromise when setting up my own business was the plastic free/ waste free aspect and the feeling of caring for individuals and the environment as a whole. 

Everything I use is U.K sourced, vegan, sustainable and minimal waste. Examples of how I do this are:

  • Sourcing glass bottles instead of plastic
  • Refillable products
  • Reusable products
  • Using small, independent businesses
  • Hand-making as much as possible.

Over the last year especially, the more research I’ve done into how humans are damaging the planet, the more horrified I’ve become at the extent of the pollution and destruction we’ve caused (and are still causing). To me, the only solution was to stand for what I stand on. So I started my plastic free journey. 

As a society, we’ve shamefully become selfish and greedy and have lacked respect for our ‘other kind’ – nature and animals. We have focused on our own gain and not considered what other species are losing and how ultimately we’re affecting what we depend on the most. 

These actions are causing detrimental effects to climate change. For example:

  • The ocean is getting hotter, expanding and becoming more acidic
  • Weather is getting more extreme and unpredictable
  • We’re threatening our agriculture
  • The warmer and polluted air affects our health
  • Natural habitats are becoming hostile (forests, sea, ice). 

However, less about the doom and gloom. I’m fully confident a positive difference can be made. There’s some incredible and inspiring individuals out there doing their bit to help the environment. Whether they’re creators, inventors, scientists, researchers or the average girl next door like me. It doesn’t matter how big or small we feel our individual impact is, as long as we’re all striving for the same constructive end result. 

To me personally, one big thing about going zero waste was reducing what I felt I needed. From buying less food/generic ‘stuff’ to donating as much as possible.

LIFE HACK: When you feel a bit stuck, just ask yourself “what would David Attenborough do?”

Alongside this, I found it super beneficial to research the hell out of recycling systems/amounts to recycle (e.g. knowing sticky notes or brightly dyed paper can’t be properly recycled or that aluminium should be at least a tennis ball size before being recycled). There’s a lot of misinformed information floating around out there and your brain does turn into mush which you subsequently feel you want to throw into a compost bin – but hang in there, the end result is SO worth it.